Searching for a modeler veteran for an extensive job. [Info on model is included.]

Hi, I am holding up a request for someone to volunteer to make a detailed model for me.

The model is a skin for a Half-Life 2 themed character that I’m going to be using for multiple purposes including servers, and possible use for mods.

Pardon my mediocre knowledge about models and skins but here are the guidelines.

**-The model will be requested to have dynamic features to the skin. Based on a rebel’s rag-tag way of attire, things such as tactical vest pockets will be ‘popping out’ instead of textured on. **
Example(Note: These aren’t my photos or my skins. It is a model pack for a group that is featured on TnB.)

Take note of the front chests, the pockets and such being just textures. Prematurely, all of these models were just simple reskins, I’d like something else that is less like that.

That’s an example of a real vest.

-The model would most likely require a face remodeling, Depending on how the face is going to be like, It’s going to vary if it’s a possibility of doing so.
-The model’s head would most likely have additions such as a change of hair style, things like goggles, and a scarf on it’s neck and shoulders.

PARDON MY CHOICE OF PICTURE, But this is honestly the exact hair-style that I was picturing in my mind, minus the fruity coat, silver hair, and cheesy background.

Another example that will be discussed with the volunteer more thoroughly.

Ignore the fact that it’s a fake model, and the what the fuck is on it’s face thing. :slight_smile:

-The act of model ripping things off of other games from HL2 or any other mods is highly unacceptable, unless it’s in dire need for the needed task.
-This model must be able to be used as a player model, possible glitches and such must be fixed obviously. Due to it’s extensive modeling, there might be a few bumps to progression.
IMPORTANT-There is a need for 2 separate models based on the same character, One wearing no vest, and one wearing all that is noted.
Example. (Note: Again, not my model, This is someone’s model that was created by the residential community modeling. Although their availability is 1 out of 25 chance, due to stacked amount of requests.)

-Obviously the model must still be able to have it’s available traits like finger posing, face posing, preservation of ability to move limbs properly in ragdoll form.
-It is most needed that the model be Hi-Res, instead of the cheap pale look from many of the old Half-Life 2 skins.

I may possibly include a reward depending on the quality and caliber of the model to the volunteering maker. This is only if the skin is beyond the quality of ‘Good, and Cool.’
I’ve already been gyped by someone to make me a model that was of shit quality which I was not properly satisfied with when he already ran off with my reward. I’m not falling for that crap again. >_>

I require the volunteer to WILLINGLY be able to cope with the production of this model to showcase their own original work and has a good sense of what I’m trying to take a grasp of here.

If you need to contact me, leave a message in my Inbox and I will reply to it shortly.
Much more information on the task will be given to a possible volunteer.
Any questions will be answered in the thread, So if you have any curious questions on what else is noted, or why. Feel free to go ahead.

Please refrain from posting negative comments or trollish ideals to my request!

Thank you.

Meh, i’ll do it Darklight.


Thread will stay open for any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for reading.