Searching for a partner.

Hello all,

I’m currently searching for a partner to assist in the running of two Garry’s Mod Servers. One being TTT, and the other being Prop Hunt. I’m not necessarily opening them both at the same time as I’d like to spend time populating one before I move on to another. Perhaps eventually expanding to other game modes too.

As my partner you could consider yourself like a co-owner. You’d assist in the day-to-day managing of the servers and it would be nice if you know how to script too as I do not have that much technical knowledge. I only ask that you are mature, can speak fluent English, and use proper grammar.

I will be purchasing a domain and a dedicated server for this purpose. If you are interested in my proposal please private message me with more information about yourself and any questions you may have.


find a friend. you’re not going to get any legitimate people “applying” here.

Perhaps. We’ll see. Thank you for your input.

What are the benefits of being in this position?

I’ve added your Steam. I’ll discuss this with you there if you don’t mind.

Sorry, I’m not actually interested in the position; merely inquiring so others can see what you’re bringing to the table.