searching for chicago (?) apartment with insane detail

I can remember a thread from the year i joined this forum, it was after the first version of gmod was released.
It was about an appartment map that was placed in chicago (i think). Everybody was impressed by high res textures and insane amount of detail.
The autor showed some screenshots and even had a little walkthrough.

There was a flying plane with vapor trails and an open yard with a pool in the center of the building.
He also showed that every window could be opened and even opened drawers and fridges.
In the end of the video he entered the garage, which was almost totally black.

Hope someone can help me to find the map, i really want to know what happened.

I remember this, it was for a machinima. Don’t know anything else though.

I also remember this and I think I have the site bookmarked- on my computer 500 miles away, because I’m on vacation.

I don’t believe the actual map was ever released.

I remember this. I think the group stalled though.