Searching for good lua coders.

I am searching for some lua coders for my gamemodes what we are developing.
We already have 1 good one and 1 who is learning.
But we need some who are experianced.
If you are intressted add me on steam : m4st3rb0yx

Why not just post the details of the gamemode you’re making here? Otherwise you’ll get flamed and trolled and nobody will take you seriously.

I am Making a roleplay gamemode.
I can’t tell everything.cause its quite much a secret.

Well, tell everything or nobody will take you seriously. That’s the way it works here. Give details or don’t post at all.


Secrets don’t get anywhere.

We are making a roleplay server just roleplay like adding a good vehicle script like scars but improved.
we have a good scripter but we need another one just incase and for making better progress.
we just made a small part of it so we cant tell yet things that we already made like we made the basic.