Searching for Programmer for a community server [PERP]


i am looking for a programmer to be committed to the server,
to be in contact with the host of the server and the admins.

the mode is PERP.

*16+ years old
*stay in contact with the host all the time.
*update the server weekly (bugs, addons, patches)

add me on steam\skype for more info

steam: http: //bit .ly /1Ej fSTi <<< remove space
skype: mr.thefaukingmen

sorry for bad English ^

(User was banned for this post ("don't make threads to hire" - OvB))

Read the “READ THIS” threads before posting. Also, what’s wrong with linking your steam directly? You also haven’t said how much the programmer would be paid.

i dont post how much programmer will get for doing it, if someone wanna do it he will check how much no need to post it. + shortcut for easy life.

So basically after a long chat on steam, he finally said the how much the dev gets paid depends on how much money the server earns through donations and microtransactions.

Always when someone put an age at requirement i imagine that his age is <15

You know, young gentlemen under the age of 16 could be just as professional and good at coding as an older gentlemen.

I have to agree, at the age of 16, I was released minigame systems and shit. Just cause I was young, didn’t mean I couldn’t program. links really need to be bannable.

Their community if anyone is interested:

Woah, i swear the whole website is backwards.

Also i don’t think that you’ll find many skilled coders willing to work on PERP here.