Searching for staff [TTT] - Admins

Hello, so I setted up ttt server and currently searching for admins.
Language: English.
Age: 17+
Needs to know about ttt and understand how to manage server.
If u wasnt an admin befoure its okey as far as you are willing to contribute to the server. Add me for details.

Steam: LOWLY
Skype: “e-tomas.”

Id apreceate if there would be people who would want this position.
The server Is active when there is people planyg, theill join most likely. Day ago was 24 players record.

The fact that you look for staff on a website gives me a lot of confidence in your ability to run a serevr

So let me get this right, the fact that the server is new and most likely I have no time to be in server and search for staff members only because Im adding new stuff to the server makes me a bad server host? In my opinion its easyer to multitask by posting an ad that IM searching for staff members on website while Im working on the server, if you think that makes me a bad host go a head, but remember that everybody is doing stuff in their own way. Dont judge. If someone would like to be an admin and manage the server I wouldnt have problems if he would see the add on website aswell not only on server, so it gives me more chances to get an admin then just randomly looking for people who would fit the staff critics. And yes IM looking for admins on server aswell.

And by the way, like I said, the server is new, so wouldnt you think that I need staff members ASP? Thats why Im desperatly searching for staff? Because no one likes messy servers. Please be my guest to correct me if Im standing wrong, or you have any suggestions how to do this in a “correct” order.

Have a nice evening.

Why not pick from people who play your servers? Seems like it’d be a lot more reliable than random people on a website

no offence fp users, u know i love u guys

Well Like I mentioned on my last post. I have no time to be in server and the server is really fresh so there is not really much people who Id see to be reliable. Server does need admins attention since there is people playng on it, and I m working on the server with addons and other stuff. :confused:

Do you have any friends that play on your server? If thats the case that you’re saying, I would pick someone that I have known for some time. If you’re lonely, then spend some time on the server.

I speak from experience there is no way a server can survive if you are not 100% dedicated to making it so.

I am dedicated to make the server, I just have no time to be on it AT THIS MOMENT, I didint say I wont be on when the server will be finally released. Dont jump in conclusions please…

Okay, I will give you some advice based on my experience(1100 hrs. as an Admin/Owner). The only admins that will contribute to your server’s success are the ones who are just as dedicated to the server as you are. You will not find that by going to a forum and asking for admins nor will you find that by putting [NEED STAFF] in the servers name. All doing the latter will do for you is get a bunch of dribbling morons who are too lazy to actually contribute and will only stay with you as long as it suits them to do so. So where do you find people who will make good admins? Luck, one day some random person will get on the server and play everyday for a month and apply for admin and get it. Now this is where the road diverges, they will either continue playing and become a great admin or they will slowly become inactive. While having a good staff of admins is important for a server, you, as owner, are the only person who will decide whether your server will succeed or not. So, spend every minute of extra time you have on your server, learn who your members are, what they like and don’t like, and most importantly have fun. Eventually all servers end, so make the time you have with yours fun for everyone including yourself. Oh yeah and don’t have long dl times and a bunch of shit addons.

Thank you, that was the most usefull post in this topic, though as I am truly dedicated to the server, I yet do not know how the ropes work of admin search, I did know that Ill need to find people who would be actually contributing to the server, yet I failled to find a good way to do it, because I thought its kinda good way to find admins faster, but you are 100 right, thanks for the tip, Ill do it as I plan now then. :slight_smile:

Because all of the people of Facepunch are SOOOOO trustable.