Searching for Target - Clone commandos patrolling in darkness

Comments appreciated, criticism even more.

Could you please post the original photo along with the edited one too? I would love to see how much it differs.

Models. NAO.


You don’t want them. Low-poly, un-fingerposeable and they have a texture error.

But if you want them anyway, just search on “Star Wars”.

Oh, nevermind. Thanks though. :v:

Posing is pretty bad. Not surprising though looking at the models; I bet they’re impossible to pose.

Hell yes. I had to use lots of prop-posing to even have slightest chance of getting any of the limbs right.

I’ll try the droids next, they shouldn’t be so hard to pose.

Cool. I just bought Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Steam (aaah I forgot how awesome it is) so I’ve had the inspiration to do some Star Wars poses. I’m gonna stick to the Galactic Civil War though and pose with Stormtroopers.

Cool. I just got back my Republic Commando from Steam. Had to buy a new copy because my disc version doesn’t install for some reason.

Republic Commando actually inspired me to do this.

Good edited.
Too empty for me but you edited the clones,I though they were different models.