Searching Players, Safe trading, Crafting Status

Holding E on a player to open up two options: Trade, and Search.
The first option opens a trading window with the other player, where people can safely trade objects without having to drop them down. (I know, it seems so obvious, that I feel it’s already in the game and I just missed it. However perhaps this is intentionally not done? Still, the rest of the suggestion would be beneficial even without the safe trading option.)
The second option allows you to search a player. Both players have to stay still for 2-3 seconds, without weapons out. Any action aside looking around breaks the search. On successful search, the player can see all another person has just like when looting a sleeper, but minus the ability to take items.

On a related but different suggestion: Let us have some way to see if a player is crafting something, either by an icon or some text when you look at them.

Those ideas all go in the idea of giving players more “tools” to be able to do whatever they want, while feeling safe about it. Alternatives, so you can work with others in an easier way.
You want to let someone in, but can’t trust them? Have your buddy search them for weapons. Search him again when he leaves: Maybe he stole something when he was inside!
Or what if he’s already inside, he brought resources to craft a weapon and ammo? He does so and stabs you from behind. Bad.
Could see that work in all kinds of situations. Gambling towns, betting on arenas, trading areas, whatever can be made that requires a degree of “safety” that trust alone doesn’t let you have. “In Rust, never Trust”.

And so you can finally know if that naked is really what he looks like, and you haven’t impacted any other part of the gameplay. A win-win, isn’t it?

Do let me know if this already has been posted, the search function isn’t treating me well today, keeps throwing me to the Cloud error page. And comment ahead!

this is probably the only form of the “trade” system that i have agreed with, but it does skate the line between artificial and organic gameplay.

I dont like the thought that there should be a trade menu. Its useless. How can you safely trade when the guy can just shoot you down 1 minute later?
Good trading can only work with nice roleplaying. A good example is the youtube vid Running a shop in rust

I kinda like the viewing inventory system, it opens new possibilities for roleplaying, for example if you make somebody show you their stuff to prove they are no danger you could let them wander off or take them as a hostage.

Well, yes, the guy can shoot you down one minute later. But that’s just part of the game. It’s not safe in that sense, but safe in the sense that you know exactly who is dropping what and who is getting what, while the game as it is doesn’t tell you who picked up an item.
So if you drop something and there are 3 players, and all 3 of them are looking down, you won’t know which of them picked the stuff up. And they won’t know if you picked it back up. Or if it just fell down under the map.
I find the lack of ways to understand what is happening on screen at a glance rather bothersome, myself.

There’s an animation when you pick stuff up. You got your point though but I think the trade system is a thing that doesn’t fit to rust and its probably intentional that such a system isn’t implemented yet.

From that video I posted before I got the Idea of the chest behind the window. I had a little “Free AKs” shack at the airfield once. I traded a lot on a low population server, I had some business partners there.

I wouldn’t trade expensive stuff with strangers though. Once you got your few people you trust, trading just works fine without any system like that.

I suppose that’s true, but at the same time, such systems don’t force you to do things that way. For one, the “Crate” idea doesn’t have both players in the same room, so it’s safer in the sense that you keep your face intact from possible shootouts. But Rust is all about giving players tools, without forcing you to use or ignore them either way, isn’t it?

…And god knows how I missed that animation.

Rust also isn’t supposed to have artificial safety systems, and that’s just what your trading idea is. If you have other people standing around, don’t make the trade. If you’re afraid of getting shot, don’t carry the goods on you. There really isn’t any problem with trading as it is now that cautious players haven’t already found a solution to. And there aren’t any suggestions to change trading that don’t also involve an artificial safety mechanic.

As for searching awake players, why couldn’t we take items from their inventory, or even their hotbar? It makes sense we couldn’t take the shirt off their back, but the gun in their hand? If you’re going to stand still for several seconds while this action executes, you’re already showing you have nothing to hide and that you’re trusting the searching party not to shoot you.