Well? Why not?

Would be handy.

Come on garry, it would be easy to do!

In all likelihood Garry’s working on it.
It’s been suggested here, amongst other things;

Heh, if I made cloudscript, I would implement that immediately.

Though, I’m not that advanced of developing Sourcemods, so I shouldn’t be talking.

[sp]basic sourcemods[/sp]

Well, maybe, you know, he’s working on other more important stuff. But yes, searching would be nice.

I think he is still working on Cloudscript, and finding a new teapot.

He broke his only one that he liked.

bump, still want searching.

Search and list would be good.

Come on Garry!

There aren’t enough scripts yet! How many times do I have to say!

In other words, if you want search then GET TO WORK