Seat Weaponiser STool

I saw that someone has already uploaded an addon similar to this, but with far less features. I decided to release mine early.
Not gonna get too wordy here, everything you need to know is in the description.


What it does:
Lets you shoot from chairs and seats. It also has limited functionality in third-party jeep models that don’t have the collision mesh blocking the driver, such as SligWolf’s Go-Karts.
It also fixes a lot of issues related to the player’s aim vector, weapon recoil, and viewpunch.

What other things I eventually want it to do:
-Work with dupes
-Not make the gun shoot twice on the client when using a vehicle derived from the jeep or airboat
-Allow the user to toggle the in-seat crosshair
-Work with SCars



That “someone” would be me.
-snirp, sorry for the mess-

ACTUAL ON-TOPIC: SCars are really easy to bind to IIRC. The seats are parented to the vehicle entity itself. The only problem I can see is doing the animation overrides.

Hey, don’t be sorry, it was your upload that made me remember that I hadn’t released my own yet :v:
As for SCars, yeah, I 'm not quite sure how to deal with animation overrides myself :v: the issue would only be with the driver though so I guess I’ll try to get it working for passengers first.

Very nice, will test and try reporting bugs soon.

Good job I guess?

I’ve noticed that people want this to work with WAC as well. From what I’ve seen WAC uses the same method of passenger seating as SCars, so implementing it for both of them should be fairly straightforward. I’d just like to know if it matters to you all if using the tool enables all passenger seats as weapon seats or if it would be handy to have some kind of interface where you can choose which seats are designated.

I’d like to specify which seats I can shoot from. Driving and shooting is kinda weird.

Well BFG, all I can say is it’s fucking amazing.

(1 and a half year wish for weapon seats has now been granted.)

Why did you wait one and a half years? There’s something similar that has been out forever.
But none the less good release man.

The driver seat would automatically be exempted.

Yeah, I guess that would be better.

How do I shoot from the Sakarias cars after weaponizing them? I did, but I can’t use the gun.

Don’t know what you’re referring to. I’ve been waiting ages for weapons in seats because the only other addon like that was outdated and eh, “broken” by the time I wanted said addon.

and WAC too after I add it for SCars

Sorry, I jumped to a conclusion and thought that said it was a feature. Will you make it they actually lean out the window?

SCars can now be weaponized using the new tool I added

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Uh, I think it would be a bad idea for me to mess with SCar’s animation stuff.

How do I select weapons when in a seat? The default menu isn’t working.

You just use number keys. Lastinv console command also works.

I tried pressing numbers on the number bar, didn’t work.

It can be done with PAC3 anyway.