Seatbelts in Gmod

I have managed to make what it resembles to be Seatbelts in Gmod, these dont serve any porpose and are only for looks.

I make them out of a 16 Bone, Strap model with PAC3 and then I give it the most realistic material in the list. (currently using some plastic Texture)

If you want me to make one for you, just ask in a comment. Provide what colour and what type of seatbelt I will make and any extra stuff you want. Your name will be above the picture if you asked.

**Constructive Criticism would be appreciated! **

Here are some of the Seatbelts I have made in PAC3:

The first pic look like Chell is high :v:

She be smokin’ dat weed

All of them kinda do :v: