Seattle 2 Down

The Facepunch Seattle 2 server has been down for some time now. Any word on why it’s down or when it might be back up?

I, too, have an interest in this

this is taking way longer than it needs to

Bort! Good looking out… I too would love to know why Seattle 2 has been down for nearly an entire day? An update would be greatly appreciated.

The stupid thing is that I just wanted to know if my neighbors followed through with their threats to raid me. I don’t actually care since there was pretty much nothing of value in my base, but I’m still curious.

Still down. No word. Over 24 hours down. WTF Facepunch?

Damn any updates on this? At least tell us if its gone for good.

At this point do we just assume it is gone for good?

I want to play rust, but I really really really really really don’t feel like farming blueprints all over again. I started looking at modded servers to deal with that, but they are so crazy compared to vanilla rust.

First Seattle 1 goes down. Then we just finished our base in Seattle 2 and that goes down. Screw this I’m going to a community server.

Not cool… all my BP are on Seattle 2. Updates please.

Hey Wolf, it’s Ding, your neighbor. I can’t understand why the server has been down for so long and we have no contact/notice of why or when/if it will be back up. Everything I have is on that one right now.

Lets all be honest here. Its most likely the Koreans, ruined our base and several others, had a bunch of members banned for hacking and every time they were on the server it lagged worse then my anoose. Not a big deal for me, we had our base destroyed several times by all sorts of friendly individuals. Also heres hoping TSR garfield is still chaaaaaapped.

Rust veterans and people on these forums have been saying exactly this for months, if not years now. FacePunch have said official servers are for testing, and you’re not at all guaranteed a stable gameplay experience if you play in them, decent community servers with good admins that know what they’re doing have always been the best way to play rust if you want a stable gameplay experience. However no one seems to take this advice.

He’ll be back he always comes back.

Yo! Long time no see, man. Yea this is bullshit… spent 300hrs on that server and had like all but 20 bp’s, it would be great to see an update, but at this point I may just abandon the server and find a good community server to start over on.

I miss you all.

Especially you TSR sons of bitches

My life is over

It appears to be back up!