SEATTLEPVP.COM-PVP/PVE/Arena+Events+Prizes/Rare C4/Bounty/OXIDE

We are a server that is centered around its players. Players vote to make changes and bring new life to the game. This server is the players server.

Standard Features
PVP Wednesday to Sunday (Sleepers ON)
PVE Mondays and Tuesdays (Sleepers OFF)
Basic Economy with sell set to higher than default prices.
C4 is not dropped nor craftable during PVE, and rare during PVP
Simple Home TP mod.
Our own Forum at
Private Messaging
Stats mod
Skills and Perks
No Decay on player buildings
Mod to help easily remove foundations, walls, pillars etc. on your own structures.

Special Features
Regular Events
Treasure Hunts
Hunting down the an admin or volunteer player to win a prize
Resources way off the regular map
Mirror server

And more…we’ve had lots of fun with different events and player ideas.

Hackers/Cheaters are absolutely not tolerated.
No Wipes.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

Great server, helpful players. Great server to start fresh on!

Great server! Very good community and the best admin I’ve ever met.