Seburo Weapons For Garrys Mod !

Wouldn’t it be awsome if you could use Seburo SWEPS in garrys mod? (Scripted Weapons are SWEPS and Scripted Tools are STOOLS just to clear things up) I dont personaly have the skill to do such a thing but I am sure someone else would. Like VG cats points out once these get modelled I will pester someone in the Lua Section to get them into fully working SWEPS (see above)

Oops Sorry I forgot to post some pictures of what I mean:

A Seburo J6, a compact Sub-machine gun of sorts

Seburo Bobson, A rarer smaller Pistol

Thats all I can get for now.

Thanks In advance

hi welcome to the forum

i for one, think that those guns look fucking badass and this needs to be modeled ASAP then turned over to the lua section for swep

Thanks for the reply will keep that In mind, Unfortunately the Edit button appears to allude me shall correct when I find it


look next to the reply button to the far right!

I remember playing CS 1.6 with a Seburo J6 lol

Its a pitty there is none for CS:S :confused: The J6 looks really cool.

Yeah and if there was one for CS:S this thread would be useless seeing as it could easily be Hexed. (Unless it was just the view model, not the world model)

Scripted Weapons are SWEPS and Scripted Tools are STOOLS. (Replace that with this)

I am willing to script these if anybody makes a model.

Great thanks mate, Only need the Models and the textures now!