Seccom Masada model (Yume Nikki)

Should be an easy model to make. If you need a pic, google it and you should get loads of results.

EDIT: Nevermind, it was stupid of me to even attempt to request such a thing.

“Should be an easy model to make.”
Jesus, if only some people realized that whatever they want will not be gifted down by someone who can magically make models and do stuff, but by people who are arsed to actually do something and learn about modeling.

Rant aside, someone released a player model of koyomi araragi, and I’m sure with a decent skin you could pull off this charater that you want.

Well thanks for giving it to me straight at least. I probably shouldn’t have posted anyway,since I’m an absolute fucking dumbass when it comes down to facepunch. I feel like an absolute dumbshit for not having asked in the correct manner and I apologize for having wasted your time -_- .

You didn’t waste my time, you just made me angry for a minute with your ignorance.

But really, if you want a decent tutorial, honestly it just seems that all you have to do with the koyomi model and make it look like Masada is to change the skin tone,eyes,and the hair.