Second Attempt at Posing

The fuck.

dat blood

Sorry for being crap at this D=

Awesome, I love it.

hey dude… just keep practice.
one day you may be good at this…
just take some time to pose… and take some time editing.
remember… try pose so it looks realistic :slight_smile:

This sounds hilarious coming from raptorfromsweden.

I think the pose is a little alright. Just needs work on the editing…especially the blood, and smoke coming from the gun.

Im just tell the guy what other people told me…
im followed does rules… and now i make better pic’s

Keep practising. I can see you’re trying.

I told you to get better models.

So far, posing’s improved but the blood looks weird.

Protip: Never use default models, no matter what.

He has become quite adept at posing.

I was refering to his first pictures, you know? Especially those he made about MJ.