Second Chance

To be honest I don’t get it.

BTW what software did you use to make that comic (im trying to make one of my own.)

It looks good, I have a basic sense of what is going on but it is really confusing to me.

those are my danish rapists

Well, it’s after I embarrassed myself in the personal skin thread and decided my hand at a Comic.

As for the program, it’s GIMP. Free and easy to use.

Here’s the link:

Re-read it a few times. he says shut up because he heard that cracking noise.(btw) danish rapist is suppsed to mean “crazy people are about” or something like that

I said danish rapist because everyone knows that Xana Toast releases hundreds of Danish Rapists to multiple Community Forums in the hope to keep Facepunch’s population up.

ehhh, what?