Second-Rate Super Heroes

Instead of resurrecting the decrepit SRSH thread I decided to create a new one. These pictures were taken a couple of months ago, but only recently did I find the time or effort to string them together into a comic. The new comic continues on the development of the main bad guy.

First Edition:[/media]

Second Edition: [media]

Feedback is appreciated, I like knowing where I should go next in the story or what I should fix about the comic for next time.

Alex Mercer/T-1000 much?

Heh, pretty good. Execution could have been nicer, though.

I know it was a little long-winded but I’m just trying to develop the future bad guy a little. And I’ll try to avoid him becoming an Alex Mercer/ T-1000 rip-off as much as possible.

Loving it.


Why didn’t you introduce the other heroes?

The good guys are as follows: Bill who changes into the tank by eating pills, A Red Spy, a sentient robot from Aperture Science Labs, and the leader is some guy from counter strike. The problem is that the leader isn’t faceposeable, which makes it kinda awkward for dialogue. If I get around to making the next one I’ll try to develop the rest of them some more. Maybe I’ll kill off the leader and get put better character in his place.

Sorry but i have to say it…“PEELZ HERE!” now on a higher note that was a good comic and i don’t care if its a rip off of the t-1000 he was my fav terminator so 10/10 from me

This is funny/good. Reminds me of those cheesy comic books I use to read. Keep it up.

Special effects could be better though.

Please continues it.
Pretty good story!

I think I have a plan for the next edition, I’ll be getting started soon.

I’ve been waiting for this.

Good job.

Yea, Sorry about the three month delay, I have a tendency to leave things unfin

Artistic and funny!

I see what you did there.

But my last post wasn’t sarcastic, I meant it.

Interesting, how’d you get that finger effect?

Well, Mr. Tilgan, the pleasure is all mine to accept your praise.

It’s a chrome harpoon with loads of motion blur.

I need some help, guys. What would be a good name for the chrome looking fellow who used to be Henderson? I need a name that isn’t too long and is well-thought out.

Chromeo = Romeo = LOLZ = PEELZ

seriously though Chromeo.

He’s not exactly the romantic type. More of a twisted husk of a man.