Second-rate Superheroes

After my first comic “Trouble at 2Fort”

I decided to create something a little more serious (or not) just for kicks. It started with just a pose but it somehow snowballed into this monstrosity. Took me about 3 days to put together. Click to zoom in.

Direct link:

I plan to develop the heroes’ story more in the second comic, seeing as this is the intro comic.
Feedback is welcome.

Pretty good. I liked it. Add more humor if you continue this.

I like it, over the top, extremely cheesy.
Just like a real superhero comic.

To be honest making this thing funny is one of my goals. I’ll be sure to add some more humor in the second.

That’s the plan.

Nice, I like your posing a lot.

Nice. I would like to see more.

Nice work.

Currently working on part 2 as I type.


What’s interesting, care to elaborate?

Also I have taken half of the screenshots for part 2.