*Second* Verification?

I just got a notification from one of my Gmod groups saying that they would be having a movie night. It also said that I had to get 2 addons in order to view the movie. Mmkay. So, I go to the Gmod downloads site, to see if I already had the addons. However, it’s saying that I haven’t verified that I own Gmod. I verified that I own Gmod the same day that the garrysmod.org site update requiring verification came out. I thought Garry said that this was a one-time thing. Did I miss something?

Yeah, I had to do it again. It’s probably just a bug.

Unless Garry broke something. :slight_smile:

Yeah its asking me to verify again too, really annoying!

it’s not annoying at all, it takes ten seconds.

if it really is, calm the hell down. your time isn’t that valuable

saved from the snip

Goog god, Ghostwork. You’re an angry, angry person.
Anyway, I had to do it again like you lot, must just be a bug.

My guess was the UI update?

Got this too. So now I get to go and do this bullshit AGAIN! Lets hope it doesn’t get to the point of having to do it “AD NAUSEAM!”

Yea i also got this a few days ago.

Its easy, and its the same link too. Just remember your profile ID and its SUPER EASY.