Secondary screen camera.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have a camera that takes up my second screen like a rt camera but is not on my main screen and is high resolution and can be manipulated by either moving a camera in prop form through expression 2 or lua? I want to be able to have a camera for a remote controlled vehicle on one screen and still be able to play my player normally.

Elaboration: basically I want to be able to have my main screen the way it normally is and for my secondary screen to be a camera like the wire tool cam controller so that I don’t need to lose vision of my character when it is active.when it’s not active or whatever I don’t care what it shows. I don’t really care how this is achieved either except that I would prefer to not use vm software or any other method of running multiple instances of the game.

I believe hunter is right, unless their is a built-in screen-split option that I don’t know about you would have to run two different Garry’s Mods. Though, you could accomplish this while still on a single PC. If you used a VM like VMware with Gmod opened up inside, and had that on your second screen with your regular gmod on your first.

If you can extend the display on both monitors, and force your gmod to run in the combined resolution of those monitors, then you may be able to accomplish that.

You’d need to write some custom CalcView for the player so it would take the primary monitor, and an additional cam for the secondary.

I’m pretty sure you can still have the RT camera shown on your screen

If someone made rt camera shown on keyboard screen, why would it be impossible to make it shown on second screen?
Although, it may require use of binary module.

Sandbox app like Sandboxie would be more appropriate, but still not exactly what he was after.