Secret agents riding on a UAV shootin while they dodge AA fire and MiG-15's get shot by AA

Descriptive title is descriptive
Vman’s contest made me go as over the top as I wanted :buddy:

Now after 7 hours of (over)editing I present:

(I even forced myself to thread it without a stable music choice )

And credits to Necrotic Fever for helping me out in spots (laser thompson for example)

Bonus pics:
(direct copypasta from other post :v:)

And Just Cause 2 anyone?

Comments and C&C and stuff :razz:

why is ellis shooting a thompson but with lazers?

copy/pasted bullet streaks or something?

Motion blur on the gun is awkward, and the missiles. His hair… okay, again the muzzle flashes look odd, looks like spuratic brushes just globbed together. The glasses don’t make it look cool, either.

Background action is … okay, not the best, but okay.

Copy pasted streaks ftw! Seriously, all of the AA shots/bullet trails MUST be either a brush or simply copied!!! Extremely lazy!

Well, I made my own brush for that because I’m a lazy person. All I have to do is hold shift and click twice.

Why wouldn’t he be?!?!?!

Would be better if the agents would actually be doing something awesome instead of just standing and shooting, even if it is standing on a UAV.

What I think when I see the first picture.


That was my idea. And now I’m going to cry. :frown:

His expression in the last one made me not like it as much :saddowns:

Agree. This is a pretty sweet picture, but it seems to loose the idea of secret agents and just seems like you tried to make the most OTT picture you could think of.

You could replace the word agent with soldier or mobster and it wouldn’t make a difference in this pic.

I fear your right, again one of those times when I can’t put a limit to what I’m doing and just go way to far :saddowns:
Propably also the reason why I barely do serious poses because I tend to make them look like this.

Yet thanks for the honest comments all, and sorry that I forgot to give you credit Necrotic, I’ll update OP.

the bullet trails looks stupid and just makes it look messy.

The posing on Ellis looks really stiff but it’s hard to see him anyway because of all the awesome.

That first picture is fucking awesome lol

lazor thompson

I don’t know why, but that first picture made me think of a music video.

M-15(Korea?) and UAV (Today) seems strange but, I might be wrong. and the laser Thompson-well it’s uhh- interesting. But all of them look really badass NICE job :smiley:

background looks pretty bad and copy/paste streaks
posing looks nice but motion blur could use some work
overall it’s a pretty nice picture

What the fuck is wrong with you people, this shit is :krad2:

Oh my, a Thompson that fires lazers? That alone is badass.
First pic is by far the best outta the three.