Secret Black Mesa Research Facility 1949 Reel

This is a small teaser for 7: Chapter 2
Please keep in mind I am adding and altering things from the Half Life 2 storyline.

What is happening: A scientist puts on a beat-up reel from 1949 into the projector. The first section of the video briefly explains the discovery of XEN and teleportation. Than it cuts to a secret section where it explains the 5 scientists that ventured and returned died 48 hours after the teleportation. An examination after shows crystals formed in the victims chest… foreshadowing what could happen to Ivan from episode 1.

Also, can you spot Gman in the video?

I spotted Gman! D:
Haha keep up the good work.

How did you achieve the final scene where the camera turns off? Did you create a custom map, place an NPC there with a custom skin, and a tripod camera model there and place a optical flare effect using Adobe After Effects?

Just asking since it seems really well done.


Other than that pretty cool if not a little silly considering there are two lab coated scientists standing around on Xen.

I had helmets on the first npc, but since the head was moving it looked silly on a couple of them. I figured since Gordon went to Xen without a helmet, why not them? Unless he did, I’m not completely sure…

The camera was a model that came with a Camera shake swep created by Patrick Hunt. The map was plain gm_darkgrass with a Room created with Lab and PHX props. The lens flare was created with Video Copilots “Optical Flares” addon. The tripod was also created with 3 phx poles.

It seems a bit weird how a scientific research facility would send people to another planet without any kind of space suit. Especially considering how all the dead bodies you find on Xen are wearing full HEV suits with helmets.

But still, good video. I guess this is what would happen if Black Mesa had a reckless disregard for it’s personnels lives. Which it does, so uhhh yeah nice.

Should’ve raised contrast or lowered FPS a little to make it look like it’s older. P cool still