Secret deathrun items/entities that can you pick up are non-functional

The question was previously asked quite a while ago in this thread:
It’s a shame people usually just rate dumb without giving help, which is usually how it works anyway. I understand that the second reply there was attempting to give him help, however that does not answer the trails question. On most if not all deathrun maps, there are secret areas where you can pick up items and the entities will attach to you.

Here is an example from deathrun_minecraft_pyramid: - I usually know how to fix things like this but these pick-up entities have been keeping me stumped. Does anyone else who has some good experience with deathrun know how to fix these to be able to be picked up and used for the remainder of the round?

edit: title should be “that you can pick up”, not “can you pick up” - woops

You can edit the title by the way.

Anyways, you will need a weapon alternative for all the grenades in CS:S(flash,hegrendade and smoke)

Simply create normal weapons with the name weapon_flashbang, weapon_grenade etc.

When you initialize the server it shall give an error telling: Unknown weapon “weapon_name”.
What you have to do is for example, get let’s say a css weapons pack. Then you have to rename each weapon entity name by the corresponding weapon name. THEN, it shall work

anyone know how to get the hl2_hands weapon into ur server`? if u can then just take the weapon, put it in deathrun > entities then rename it weapon_flashbang or smoke whatever its called i dont know if its called weapon_smoke but i think it is. if u do that u will be able too pick up secrets