Secret Door Challenge

Yeah func_movelinear bleeds shadows :Dawkins102: I wish I could fix that easily.


Hmm, maybe if I spawn the block above ground so the lighting isn’t shit, then use a screen fade while the block merges with the floor…

I haven’t used it before, but maybe a func_block light thingy?

Too bad that isn’t an entity. You mean the block light texture right?

That only works with already compiled lighting.



Although not a door, I might add a door that you can get to only by doing this.


And yes, at the end, I jumped several times.

Does it lag if you don’t set the framerate or something…?


Wait, that’s stupid.

I facepalm’d when I read this.

I used that to do your previous idea, it pretty much works, apart from lighting being a bitch because I cant do dynamic lighting.

I’ll upload a video in a bit once I’ve recorded it, unless someone can do it for me, I’ve never done it before.

Ah you used a func_rotating_door?

What I did, was I parented a view_control to a func_rot_button, and teleported the user to an upside down room.

I like your idea though, I should try that in the original map, where I fall from the ceiling.

Here’s the vmf so you can take a look, it was just a quick sketch up so there’s no optimisation.

Cool stuff here.


Yeah, pre-rendered lighting was my main problem too, I just guessed where the rooms would be after they turned, in relation to their starting positions, and added more, lower brightness lights to compensate, I didn’t have any props so shadows weren’t a problem.

I facepalm’d after I posted it :sigh:

I just had an idea, Count me back in


I think i could win this… Will upload a vid in a few mins

They are called media tags.

I guess that is one way to use a door :lol:

pretty awesome…

Heh, The Breakable ceiling was going to be a skybox, But it didn’t work



Wait was that sarcasm?

you have a TV with a keyboard…

TVs can be used as monitors. :colbert:

I’m using one right now.


Hey, bit late into the challenge, but I’m out…I’ve had little time over the week to finish this one up.

Though I’m willing to see what everyone else comes out with.