Secret Level On Construct?

I am confused.

Upside-down airboat in the lake.

How do you do that, everytime i’ve tried it just flips back up.

just use some hoverballs)
or maybe a big prop,that has alfa about 0

I’ll try it thanks

He made a custom map where the water is backwards and the level is upside down.

Wouldn’t everything just flip?


So what is it then?

A custom map. He flipped the map over.

No he didn’t, he just attached a 100% bouyancy prop onto the bottom of the airboat and changed the airboat’s to 0%. Simples?

No, it’s regular construct. You can see the water fog.

He flipped the airboat over and gave it keep upright.

Keep upright doesnt work on vehicles

He put keep upright on a prop and welded that to an upside-down airboat. How can you be confused over whether or not this is fake?

Stupid people.


The boat that rocked.

Make a hover airboat and slam into a wall with thrusters.

Funny !