Secret Luahelp

A savage journey deep into the heart of the organization known as Secret Luahelp.

Don’t read this comic its bad. I am only posting it because people want me to. If you read this comic and say your name 10 times into a mirror CORY will come out and drink all the milk in your house

rate me autistic and throw me to the lesbians

stgn is just mad i made him the black guy with the weird mouth

I liked the ongoing narrative along with the excelent writing.

I think stgn is gonna :emo: over this. Nice job

YOUR COMICS ROCK MAN! Can you put me in the next one, where my model is male 04 refugee?

You Suck

hell. yase.

you should continue the lauhelp chronicles the first ep was awesome

This would be better if I had been referenced in it.
Just my opinion.

They should make a section just for rambo and his shit “comics”

Dont worry someone sucks than him…

I believe it would be sucks more than him.

Oh you can talk normal again :smiley:

“I would believe someone sucks more than him.”
Or it can be “I would believe its Someone Sucks more than him.”
I’m not talking about you though,Actually NVM he dose suck when i look into dental…

wt u tlkin bout noob

What are you talking about,noob. :confused:

you mean this section where they fit in perfectly?

Oh, Irony, how we love thou.

That is something,