Secret US Military Video of Secretive Acrobatic Special Forces Unit in Action

The tape is so secret that the NSA is already on their way to kill me, you, our families, pets, neighbours, villages, towns, cities, counties, states and countries.

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wtf is going on in this picture?

A Secretive Special Forces Acrobatic Unit is using their acrobatic prowess to evade enemy bullets, as a press camera looks on.

The cameraman and reporter were later found dead, with their throats slit and all footage but this last bit of tape destroyed.

To this day, the Department of Defense has denied that the unit, which they refer to as the “Gymnasts”, were responsible for the deaths of the reporter and his cameraman. They have also denied that anyone who has watched the tape has been killed, but we all know the NSA is coming to kill us right now.


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