secret weapon for half life 2?

im sure its nothing but look at this picture. i found it while looking through my folders in gmod and i have no idea what kind of gun it is. is it a hl1 gun? also i have always wondered what the physgun icon is cause it looks nothing like the physgun. is it that gun that rotates and shoots yellow lazers?

this is funny to. there it’s not in wrong section :smiley:

The GravGun esque one was the Gauss-Cannon, the other was the Concept AR2.

The one in the red circle is an OICW

I believe it was a beta weapon for HL2

This doesn’t belong in the screenshot section.

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Not a concept, a real gun named XM29 OICW. Which is itself a prototype.

That gun was still the concept or predecessor to the ar2

oh ok that clears alot of stuff up. thx guys :D. also i think this is the best catagorie to put it in. it is a screenshot.

No, this goes in Valve games and Mods.
This is not a picture you made in Garry’s Mod.

tau cannon where art thou

Wrong and dumb.

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it’s in the game

its located in one of the sewers on the canals map with the airboat

there i added an ingame picture, happy :smiley: (good times on the MaD server)
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wait so your saying if i play hl2 and i fin d were your saying. il find the cannon thing or the ar2 prototype gun


or is it hl1

The gun was in the beta but was deleted for some reason, I guess play testers thought it was fucking useless, I say it would of been used if your AUX power was low and it may of had a long range night vision capacity, the gun in hand on the beta is quite nice and is a good weapon.


If you want to read up on this:

i think oicw and smg were merged cuz com on how the hell you gonna load grenade into this:

porbably merged the 2 for “gamplay reason” or whatever