Secrets about gmod and source games

Hey there, I started this thread to let other people know about some secrets about gmod , hidden entities , ect …
Post your secrets here , and share tham with other users.

For example , i was looking though sdk code , and found alot of entities. Like proto_sniper , that nouying sniper that kills you in hl2. I also found the mp5 weapon , And many npc’s , and weapons included like weapon_extiguisher.

Please share some secrets you know about gmod :slight_smile:

Theres a room under GM Construct.

But keep it on the quiet, noone knows about it and its my secret room

Evryone knows about that one XD , its under the stairs :stuck_out_tongue:

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But seriously, i cant really think of any.

Theres the screaming door on GM Bigcity or whatever its called?

There isn’t any secrets about gmod nor source games…

Don’t be a spoilsport. :v: They are talking about easter eggs and that kind of thing.

Well most what he is talking about dates back to the Beta of Half Life 2, it’s not really special however is fun to look at.


ent_steam. Guess what it does.
I thought it spawned steam in garrysmod so i can play garrysmod in my garrysmod where i can spawn steam so i can play garrysmod in my garrysmod in my garrysmod.

In cs_assault at the left side of the ct spawn are 2 buildings and in the middle stairs. Go down there you will find a small room with a shoe in it.

could you explain more?

Guess what it does, it emits steam

Valve made a g3 that never made it into hl2

If shot it vanishes.

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