Section 8 Model pack

Hello again , ported more shit , this time it’s Section 8.
I got preaty much everything from the game that’s good.
Few things are still left out.
Like granades a repair tool more granades.

But i might do those another time.



Side note

There are some un-used skins in this pack , i wanted to make them work with skin changer , but i just got lazy and didn’t want to re-compile and add the qc commands.


If you get some bugs/errors , pm me , don’t post it in the thread.

Holy moly, sweet work thar dawg :smiley:

Great work as usual Dtmech.

Ah forgot i forgot to remove “selfilume” from the vmt on the Blue armor dude.
Remove it if you don’t want a glow in the dark armor.

Very cool stuff. Thanks!

I’m gonna have sex with this stuff today… <nerd>
It looks nice :smiley:

Just WOW , dude.

I’m a bit afraid of the ragdolling quality tho, as that kind of ragdolls are often fucked up…

Finger posing might be a bit off , the rest is fine.

Filefront is taking almost an hour for the download. >:(

Edit : Could you upload it somewhere else? Filefront is stuck at 30 kb/s.

Great job dtmech, I may use them in my next machinima

Good work…though there’s not actually a single thing in section 8 that actually looks remotly good!

Are they faceposable? :v:

I’m downloading at 150 kb/s :v: Maybe is just your internet.
But it might be a good idea if more people have this problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, an alternative download link would be nice (Such as a torrent on, since i too am waiting forever for this to download.

Ooh, comment, err…Nice one, they look awesome! :smiley:

I’ll let someone else do that.

Here you go.

Oh dear god.

Needs more posts.

Those weapons will be great for the combine.

The weapons are huge D:

But still a nice pack, the robot/mech dudes are nice…