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Edit and pose by me, joazzz asked me how to edit rain if more people want to know i might make a tutorial. C&C please.




There are tons of tutorials on how to make rain if you only google it.
Your way of editing rain needs improvement. All of it shouldn’t be going in one direct angle.
I’m not sure but I think you can just use noise and make some changes in levels, smudge the shit out at places and duplicate/rotate that shit and bam that shit is rain.

Most are for animated rain.

Camera angle is really weird (so much wasted space at the bottom where it is too dark to see anything properly).

Rain is unrealistic in terms of lighting because it should be much more difficult to see in the dark area of the picture. You still didn’t remove the errors in the rain at the bottom of the picture as I recommended in your last raining picture. Because of the hill and lack of splashes, the rain looks like it is pasted onto the camera.