Section Confusion

What’s happened with the sections being merged and moved? Does anybody know why?

Nope, it’s a total clusterfuck. The old way was much easier to figure out.

It’s worse because completed stuff is merged with WIP and Requests.

Releases, Wips and requests in one section.

2012… Here’s your end of world cluster fuck scenario. Enjoy.

Facepunch just took a turn for the worst.

The team could have spent the time used to fuck up the subforums on more useful things, e.g. unblocking the search function again, adding more finishing touches to Garry’s Mod 13, removing troll content from Toybox, giving the option to have a signature etc.

All we can do now is hope this shit gets reversed real quick… or hope someone creates a forum that was like the old Facepunch.

What! I mean, why?
I can’t see any reason why mashing everything togetehr would be something good. I was brilliant before, easy to find stuff. Now I don’t even know if I’ll be browsing anymore because its all in one bloody mess.

I think Garry’s keeping it this way. Plus the search function still works for Gold members only still. I remember someone saying something about blues having to pay to use it. Idk, might be true, might not be. I just hope Garry changes his mind about everything. Apparently threads weren’t getting much attention at some places, so he decided to merge both the modeling section and the mapping sections subforums all in one, so now everyones thread can be seen. Plus he moved them to Valve game mods, even though the mapping and models section was mainly all about Gmod. Some other subforums were moved into other places as well.


You might have to buy gold member to use the search function actually. Either that, or he’s having people pay for the search function. I’m not sure.

I’m trying to find a models pack, but I cant search, and scrolling down the one main Modelling section its really a bugger to seperate the blue -request- and the blue -release- icons. Maby I’m just lazy.
Cheers! I won’t bother to care about this change anymore, because I know nothing will change back.

Garry fucked it up. It’s the sloppiest change I’ve ever seen him do.

Normally, in other sites. The lest they have is a separate subforum for creators to post their creations so that casual users and lurkers don’t have to wade through the WIP and requests threads.

Better bookmark your favorite threads real quick.


Garry fucked it up.

god damnit

Don’t worry guys garrys knows what he’s doing

actually he doesn’t but he said he’ll ban anyone who predicts the future aka complains

Not sure why the change was needed. If people needed to request or release something, they’d go to the appropriate subforum. Everything together just seems too much.

Garry seems to totally hate the idea of things being neat and tidy, he basically said to me that he’d much rather there be loads of totally empty shitty threads than a few big threads that everyone uses.

That’s… completely absurd.

someone once said that Garry has the coding ability of a god but the mentality of an impetulent child. if nothing else, I’m sure whoever it was that said that is very proud of his vindication.