"Sector Clear" + "I'm watching you" + Bonus(Turok Soldiers Issues!)

Well the first one might look familiar to others, I had this idea since the Turok soldiers came out but someone else did it before me, so here is my version.

“Sector Clear” Some soldiers investigating the area.


I have a thing for assassins :v:

“I’m watching you” Assassin admires the Citadel.


And the bonus! Its about the problem we(The people that poses the Turok Soldiers) all someday suffer!

“Turok Soldiers issues”


The first one has no editing, the second one I only edited some shadows, the moon and the model hands(The Darth Nihilus model doesn’t have finger posing), and the third one I only made the speech bubbles on GIMP.

Hope you like them! and if not please tell me why! :slight_smile:

55 views and no comments!!??
I’m bumping then!

First picture has a really dull camera angle and the second picture is too blurry, which isn’t helped by the darkness. Posing seems okay but there’s not really enough going on in the pictures to warrant commenting.

Nice attempt but you should try something more imaginative. I know the temptation is there when getting new models to just pose them really generically (I have done it many times myself), but try to avoid it.

Mr. McGee tells the truth. Again. Plus the yellow soldier in the first pic looks like hes humping the air.

Scifi helmet design is a fascinating thing.

Last bump! Then off to work on my editing :stuck_out_tongue: Not gonna post again until I make a good non generic screenshot lol or a epic generic one.

Thanks for the C&C :slight_smile:

chesty mcgee advising against being generic :smug:


also, the posing is not so great.

Posing not so good? by that you mean stiff or unreal? :open_mouth: