|Sector One| A Nice blend of Futuristic Roleplay, Combat.

[release]Sector One
Where those who profit, only profit from the exploitation of others. Watch your back.[/release]
[release]About US and our storyline.
We’re basically a community, started just about a week ago. Focusing on a roleplaying experience unlike others. We arent going to just paste the word “Serious” all over ourselves and act like elitists, no. We’re allowing you to judge that. The word “Serious” is pretty much de-meaning, seeing all of these other servers with the same word within they’re name. If you decide to join, you can be the judge of that.

Most of the faction recruiting is done in-game. Why have out of character applications for something in character? If we’re able to see your dedication for the faction, thats all we need to make you apart of that faction.

So far, storyline wise we are on another colony, after the planet earth was rendered uninhabitable by mass pollution. Earth was able to make a last attempt, by sending a large amount of civilians, military officials and equipment into space. Onboard the spacecraft named “The Homerunner” the residents of the spacecraft were put into immediate deep hibernation, relying on the crafts solar powered generators to keep them all alive. Many years, after traveling through space. The last remnants of earth finally reached the colony, now known as EARTH1.

The colonists quickly established a pecking order and got together in order to create a habitable area, the whole area around was a desert. The colonists unloaded whatever raw materials they had brought with them, including some tools, military supplies and food. They departed into the wasteland, followed by the rest of the residents and military force. They came upon a small town, many miles away from the Homerunner. The town shows sign of previous possible homo-sapient life, buildings made out of crude materials (Stone, wood). The colonists finally settled down within the area, the military quickly took whatever valuables from the town and ventured out into the the wasteland, making they’re own small bunker made out of crude materials, eventually upgrading overtime. A Very long time has passed since the colonists settled down.

You are now one of the children, born on the foreign planet, but oh. Maybe your a Sentient? A Robotic machine that was somehow created by the previous residents of the planet, sealed within a vault. Locked for who knows how much. New factions rise to power, attempting to get ahold of the few high tech weaponry and suits that are still available. Maybe there are rumors of a hidden factory, producing equipment for the Alliance to continue waging war against the bloodthirsty people of the wastes. You Decide
[release]The Server
-An active playerbase, since the beginning.
-An active admin team, that listens and hears both sides of any stories.
-A large server, items and other things are hidden often.
-Events take place every so often.

So why should I play here?
Well, if you take a look at the rest of the server advertisements, you will be most likely disappointed by the amount of DarkRP servers. Well, we’re running on this script called Tiramisu which is a modified Cakescript created by BigBang/Fnox/Kamaitama.
[release]The Script
Tiramisu’s features.

  • You are able to toggle between First person and Third person.

  • Full NPC animations, you wont look stiff ever!

  • Special combat systems! (Refer to the bottom for more info)

  • Many items, suit items. Weaponry too!

  • Full character customization!

[release]How OUR combat works
Well, as you might have guessed, we kept the same mechanics as the version of Tiramisu Big Bang released here on facepunch.

Meaning, during a fight. You dont have to worry about all that STK, STM stuff. You just well, Fight.

You will only lose your weapons if you type in !acceptdeath after you have been “Mortally Wounded” (By headshots, explosives and such) Weapons arent that common, so even if you do get one, you dont have to worry about losing it.
[release]Handy Links
Server IP:
Pack: www.concoshut.com/publicdl/SectoroneAddons.zip

  • Q. What kind of server is this?*
    ** A. A Futuristic roleplaying server.**

  • Q. Sounds cool, What do I need to join?*
    ** A. This pack, www.concoshut.com/publicdl/SectoroneAddons.zip**

  • Q. That it?*
    ** A. Yes.**

  • Q. Are you sure this isnt a gigantic-minge-dm-failrp-server?*
    ** A. Positive.**
    :siren:Coming Soon:siren:

I totally haven’t played there yet.

I’m Conco, and I approve this advertisement.

I am Kirad, and I approve this advertisement.

I am Doonbugie2, and I approve this advertisement.

Ok enough of that. I only posted that as I’m the server owner. The rest of this thread will be dedicated to server discussion.


As I can’t administrate the server currently, and its turning into a flame war, it’s going down until further notice.

Goddamn triple post


Its back up
But theres been an adminlist wipe except for me and steven. There was alot of abuse going on, aswell as little flamewars over who should be promoted/demoted

Sounds horrible. Will never join in that case.

Ok. Dont join after we cleaned up the Adminlist.

For those still interested, after my little vacation, I’ll be hosting an event. A while back, a few people rping as sentients guarded a vault. But RPed it collapsing. The event will be going back into it, and you’ll all get a chance to get one of the few Powersuits avalible.

I sure wish the Rp servers would go in the Rp section so that we might see beyond this 12 year old Darkrp-modv112lol and actually see the good servers.

This sounds like DesertiaRP.

Also, if you can’t lose your weapon in a fight, there won’t be any Fear RP.

There would be FearRP because if you die by a explosive, per-say. Or a headshot from a strong weapon. You will lose your weapon when you respawn possibly.

We dont use DarkRP. We dont even use a private script either. We use the amazing, yet free Tiramisu. So your comment is invalid.
Learn to read.

This is a good server! :smiley:

So wait, this is basically someone ripping off Bliss? Sorry, but this seems awfully similar to Bliss if you ask me. Could be wrong, though.

I’ll try it out when my new HDD arrives.

Just having one similar faction name does not mean we’re ripping of an entire other backstory. Ours is different in many ways.

It’s basically DesertiaRP.

I’m not even sure if Desertia is even still alive.