Sector Secure, over.

Experimenting-tried to make it look like a security feed.


Seems a bit scattered/empty, other than that; it’s pretty well posed. Work on the lighting and it’ll look superb.

That blur on the first picture, is really really reeeeaally bad.

corpse in the bottom left is doing the splits

@Katazuro: Thank you, I’ll work on the lighting-its a bit wakcy on a few maps for me.
@pvt.jenkins: Thats on of the overlays…it was a little attempt by me to make a secuity feed picutre ^^;

@Cone: Well…I dont want to sound like I am “hating on the porter(s)”, but the person or persons who ported the Me2 version 2 Merc pack…kinda didnt do very well…so they are a pain in the arse to pose.

Nice posing, but the filter is really awful. Work on your camera angles as well. Make sure that it’s obvious what the focus is on, when a picture is a blurry mess that is hard to see.

Also, the woman who’s being strangled looks really wierd. (The neck)

Thank you, I will work on it.

Oh she’s just a female medic. I based this scene off of this HL1 scene: