Secure storage methods - need locked metal indestructible containers (even if pattern is mega rare and super rediculous to make)

Repeatedly my base (fully metal), which requires 6 (2 per floor, per member, so the front has a door for each and then 2 per floor per hallway) metal doors to be blown off, has been raided and all of my loot has been stolen. This last time they stole 1 large box per item full of the following-

1 of sulfur
1 of charcoal
1 of wood
1 of mixed ores
1 of med supplies and food
1 of guns (fully modded only)
1 of mixed armor including
2-3 full sets of kevlar
1 of building supplies (mainly metal)
1 of harvest tools

All of this stuff took 2+ days to farm for and this base was built just complex enough to where it would require a large amount of C4 to loot. There really needs to be a better method of securing your loot. I’m cool with sleeping on the ground, being killed, losing my sleeping bag and having to run back from BFE, but losing all the gear that me and my team of 4 have farmed for days to acquire (we don’t kill players unless shot at first) is kind of stupid.

We came from DayZ epoch where we were raided and killed all the time and were cool with it because our backup shit was in a damn safe. Rust NEEDS secure storage methods. We have gone back to DayZ because of this until there is a method that has been added to the game.

This is LITERALLY the only reason we went back to DayZ. Every feature of Rust we absolutely love other than this. We were madly in love with the game, but after like 4 nights in a row of getting our shit stolen, enough is enough.

TL;DR - Secure storage methods or going back to DayZ Epoch

it really doesn’t. what’s the point of raiding if you can’t get any loot? if you want to keep your loot, learn to hide it better. that’s it.

If it takes 30 minutes to craft, 2000 metal fragments and like 2000 cloth or leather to make, and its a .01% drop from zombies only then I think there may be a possibility for it to be a feature.

IMHO I think dayz has already gone through some of the growing pains that rust is currently going through right now and is more mature (the only thing holding it back is the fact that it is all scripts in armaII and that is limiting/buggy I am so excited the standalone just released). I know that they don’t want to make a complete clone but I do think that there are some great lessons to be gathered from the dayz history.

This really is the harsh truth. Granted, with pending updates and whatever else ends up happening with this game, anything and everything is subject to change dramatically.

Maybe limit what it could store, 1 per person ever in that server after finally getting it after days of farming and hunting for it. Make it hold maybe 4 slots only and not craftable.

I think that houses in general need a boost. I don’t that making raiding harder will detract from pvp at all. If anything it will help, it will force people to attack player that are actually on the server, that can fight back. That is always more fun. I really think that players houses should be very defendable and take a LOT of effort to break into. That way it will give them something to work on and make it meaning full to make a house. You will always be able to kill players to get their cool things, if they want to use them they will have to take them out of their house and you can kill them then. Sure there will be hoarders but they really dont hurt anyone.

I think rather than “Extremely difficult to make a raid resistant house” it should be “extremely difficult to raid a house”.

Indestructible, absolutely not. It would make raiding absolutely useless. Crates that cannot be opened besides with explosives, absolutely. That way it at least protects your stuff from exploiters using barricades and whatnot.

I like the way stuff is right now, the only thing I really see that they can do is implement a safe with a combo lock to open it or 2 C4, but has the storage amount of a small crate (9 spaces). Although doing this it would need to be something like 50 LQ Metal else it would be so OP.

In that case there should be a hacking device (or lockpick) to open secure storage boxes.It wouldn’t take too long,perhaps 30 seconds in order for the loot to be open. You’d get to raid and lockpick storage boxes to get loot,a win win in my opinion.


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This game is about having freedom; not implementing mechanics that limit it. Don’t remove sand from the sandbox.

Raiding people is the best part of this game. If they make it very difficult to raid, then people will just get bored very easily. I think once we have traps and stuff, it will make raiding fun and challenging.