''Secure the compound now, before it's to late!''

Edit and pose by me, I went a bit heavy on the rain drops but wathever :3:. C&C please.


Is that a shotgun or something?

WOAH weird gun. Put the level down a little bit on the rain and the lightning is okay but the sky should be different color and your waterfall needs some fixing maybe some little drop sprites splashing off the soldiers would give some sex into it and a new gun muzzle flash.

It’s a FN scar.


rain, muzzleflash, and lightning are terrible. i’m pretty sure you can find decent rain and lightning tutorials through Google, and the muzzleflash does not fit the rifle.

What’s so terrible about the lightning? I agree for the other two, my best to be honnest.

“the lightning is okay but the sky should be different color”

Its okay, like I said on steam

You need to listen to criticism. Seriously.

Rain is still too 2D.
Rain still has horrible errors at the bottom. Erase them.
Still too much opaque, white and fluffy smoke.
Muzzleflashes still suck.

As for the new stuff:

Make sure your custom brushes actually align with surfaces (look on the right and the splasehes).
Posing on the standing guy is off.
It’s nice you finally added splashes, but they are quite bad.
You clearly have the same water brushes as me so I say use the ones that are actually splashes… not weird bubble shapes.

I like the rain effect actually. It might help to erase some of it with 20 opacity or something, but overall it’s nice. However there’s something with the posing of the shooting guy that seems wrong to me. He’s holding the gun too high. His position does not give proper support for the kickback of the gun.

Also on the wall at the far right it seems like the left part of the miniature waterfall is floating above the wall.

not so good all effects

It looks like he’s firing a Musket, adjust the flash!!