Security Breech: Foxtrot Alpha 6

My first pose in a VERY long time. Finally got a new computer that can handle Garry’s Mod :slight_smile:

There’s more Red than the soviet union here

The editing and lighting look alright but the posing looks really wonky in places, most obviously the guy dragging the injured guy and the person on the far right.

Also, how come there’s no faceposing?

What’s with the floating muzzleflashes?

Haven’t seen that muzzle flash before.

Judging by the guy dying in the doorway and what seems to be a staff next to him, i’d say it’s a stargate pose.

and from what little i know about stargate i’d guess the ‘flying muzzleflashes’ are firebolt type things being fired by those dudes with the staffs

this is actually pretty nice

definitely has the Stargate vibe.

I don’t know…It appears that the shelf is shooting a invisible gun?

They’re energy projectiles

Well saaaaaawwwry for never watching Stargate.

First I thought they were overdone bullet tracers.

I saw a scene in SGA, when Marines came to the Atlantis to defend it from Wraiths (or something).