Security Features (Alarms,Sentrys,Traps)

So if you haven’t taken the time to scroll down or even read the New Post about the Sleeper Server and DDOSing Problems, you might want to read this.
As most of you know, it was sooner or later that Garry would announce more features with the Housing/Security Features. Well from what he has said, this will be really good and make the game ALOT more realistic towards more Modern style Bases (Military and such). But what if there was even more?

Laser Censors -
**-**A Laser Censor could detect people who are raiding your base and give you a better idea where they are in your base (Some BIG bases will definitely need this).
**-**It would probably scare away the little naked men would around with their rock trying to break down your wall or annoy you.
**-**It could damage people who try to walk through them and they would have to destroy it with F1 Grenades.
**-**In real life, they aren’t always detected by plain sight, so if Garry/Admins added “Smokes Grenades” the lasers could Appear.

Smoke Grenades -
**-**As some games have this, Smoke Grenades are a really good way of protection (Mostly from shots), this would add more PvP excitement towards the Game instead of head on Gun fights.
**-**As another PvP Add-On, it could attract others whenever you want a fight.
**-**It could also be thrown to keep zombies off of you. (Let me go into more Detail), See, if Smoke Grenades would be able to blind other Players, why not Zombies? If standing inside the Smoke, the zombie would be blinded and would know where to find you inside the smokes, so it would lose interest and do what zombies do :).

Door Combination Lock
**-**If a Combination Lock was added, it would be even more realistic to a more Modern Games. (I know not all want that) A dding this would make raiding and friends being able to get through your door. A lot of people say, “Can you add a Buddy System where we could add friends to our Doors?” Well this is better, it would change the Style of the Game into Factions and Guilds or in-Game Commands, but it would be a more… last time I’ll say this… “Realistic Feeling.”

Grappling Hook(Probably My favorite)
**-**With the New map being added (Check the New post on Home Page) this would be very effective. Since the cliffs are no longer straight down hills and it has an actual rocky effective, the grappling hook could fit right in.
**-**The grappling hook would be a great feature because of this reason, not having to run 5-10 minutes around some big mountain, but instead, you could just get straight up in about 5 seconds.
- Base raiding would have effective by getting onto the top, think about it like this. You grapple onto a window and you put down some C4s and blow your way in from the 8th Floor. Wouldn’t that be amazing? (Unless you were the person getting raided)

I think things like bear-traps, mines made from scrap metal explosives, wooden spikes, etc. should be added. Not lasers.

the grappling hook is probably the worst idea ever come on now that would defeat the purpose of making a base if someone could just grapple to roof and get in

Thank god for ceilings then, huh?

Smoke Grenades could definitely work, especially with the F1 Grenades already included. And I agree that Bear Traps would make more sense than Laser Sensors. Wooden spikes or barricades that inflict damage upon contact might work as well.

Here are a few examples:

Land Mine

  • Explodes on contact (cannot be placed on walls)
  • Inflicts 75-100 damage depending on equipment and proximity
  • Can be destroyed, but will explode and can inflict damage based on proximity
  • Will not be triggered by Animals and Zombies
  • Can be researched/dropped
  • Crafted using 10 Explosives and 75 Metal Fragments
  • To craft this item, a player will need the “Land Mine” Blueprint

Smoke Grenade

  • Takes 5 seconds for the smoke to accumulate
  • Emits a cloud of smoke that conceals the affected area for approximately 10 seconds
  • Takes 5 seconds for the smoke to dissipate.
  • Can be used to distract animals and zombies
  • Can be researched/dropped
  • Crafted using 50 Sulfur and 25 Metal Fragments.
  • To craft this item, a player will need the “Smoke Grenade” Blueprint

Bear Trap

  • Traps victim by stopping movement for 10 seconds
  • Inflicts 5 damage per second (and Bleeding status)
  • Can be removed when hit with a Hatchet or Pick Axe.
  • Can be used on Animals and Zombies
  • Can be researched/dropped
  • Crafted using 50 Metal Fragments
  • To craft this item, a player will need the “Bear Trap” Blueprint

Other things to consider:

  • Female characters (confirmed)
  • Map changes (in progress)
  • Mini-Map and/or Compass
  • Group/Party system

Bear traps and land mines are good ideas.

all the ideas right here seem over technological for the theme

strings and cans, bombs, and other things like in metro would make MUCH more sense.

That and landmines would be good but super rare, as people could just set it outside someone elses door and rush the hell in the moment they can.

lol! I love when people say it should be realistic then say you should be able to craft a lasor sensor with your bare hands out of some rocks and wood. There is no way you could make a lasor sensor from scratch in the wild. let alone a grenade or a gun, you would first need some sort of metal casting utility, i don’tknow how you take ore and shape it into a weapon without some sort of cast or mold, and something to heat metal to the point of melting while your naked without getting horribly burned. A rock wood burning stove will not accomplish this. The only realism I’ve seen in this game so far is that the people are very shitty and would rather shoot a defensless naked man than help him.

A sad truth.

Being too advanced and useless, they should instead have strings attached to a surface to release a trap or notify the player. Hanging cans or broken glass to alert whoever is defending it. And how about bear traps, mines?

I was just about to type this… well almost, i was gonna say simplify the laser to be a string with bells or cans on it, and other strings could have a F1 at the end.

Meh. That could create lots of lag and I really don’t see the point.

I wouldn’t want a mini-map in this game i think it would ruin the immersion and doesn’t fit in with the style, if it was just like a what you sense or like a way to make what you hear have a visual component i think this could be ok, but I don’t think that it should be anything more than there is movement in that general direction kind of map, otherwise it would be prone to many expliots

I completely understand, which is why I also included “Compass” for things to consider.

How about a rigged shotgun near the door? It is certainly an improvised device, and would allow you to get one shot off on an intruder, which is one more than you would get while offline. You can rig it up right before you log out. Other good ideas are improvised land mines (using some form of low grade explosives and metal fragments, causing heavy bleeding and splash damage,) tripwires (really easy to set up irl,) being able to set up barbed wire fences or electrified fences to keep people away, or trap doors. Simple, relatively subtle, and deadly. No need for high tech security when you are surviving in a radioactive wasteland, improvisation and simplicity is key.

On the opposite spectrum, some tools for break-ins would be nice as well. Lockpicks, some form of basic metal detector that can sense out explosives (heavily modified Geiger counter, perhaps?) or wire cutters to remove portions of fence to get through. Wire fences around radioactive or dangerous areas would be cool too, only accessible with the tool.