Security Guard being stalked by an evil monster

witty comment about how you didn’t expect this here

Wow I didn’t expect this !

Wow I didn’t expect this!

Nice job tag

“Dude!! Look out his gonna shoot you in the ass!!!” I scrolled down and laughed me arse off when I saw the Rabbid! Funny as feck!

Oh he’s so cute with that glock.

“Turn around you black idiot, COME ON IT’S GOING TO EAT Y-… What in the name of God…”.

Now that is an original pic!

First I was like :ohdear: but then I was like :v:

I want that Raving rabbit.

As opposed to a white or a grey idiot? :rolleye:

Shhh, watch the hammer hit him and then stalk the refugee camp.
That’s what I always do, it cheers me up everyday.

No racism intended… :smith:
But I see your point, and shall therefore rate myself dumb… :blush: