Security Problems

Hello guys, well i have been running a server for like 1 month and well today something really weird start happening, first of all one of my addons !report addon was overfloading, an weird user no clue who was start sending reports and make the addon crash, he create 1000 reports in 1 minute or less. After that, we have an event system just for owners + a owner tool and from 1 second to another the server start spawning events and randoms monsters around the map with 1 hp and 9999999999999 exp and 999999999999 gold, well its super-weird since we have a safeguard to avoid this happening … but well as i can see didn’t work at all, the thing is that any recommendations to this ?


DON’T GIVE ME GRAMMAR FIX’S xD, i know my spelling is horrible but i’m from a spanish country :smiley:

What “safeguard”? Just sounds like poorly coded addons.

I called it “safeguard” but its a MaxValue - MinValue for HP , Armor , Experience so if the user put a less value the “monster” cannot be spawned, also they can’t even set that since the vgui don’t allowed you to do that.


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