security stuff

these should all have options like range/patrol area, who to attack and who to ignore, color etc

these, as tools, with options and stuff

security bot, acts like the ones from bioshock- but it can be something else (manhacks, suicidal scanners), can create spawners two that activate upon alarm

cameras, raise alarms. can choose any of the cameras from the source games (they do different things, for example a combine camera goes back and forth while a rebel one doesnt) it can be a scanner (that patrols) they can also go to a monitor

alarm, when rung can be wired to do certain things, also calls a guard

guard, can be a metrocop or antlion

turret, can be from any of the turret props, rockets can be fired instead of an mg, can have portal voices, can go inactive and pop up for alarms.

That would be awesome!

…why? What do you need that for? It seriously wouldn’t be all that useful, and it woulda grown old pretty fast :confused: