Seductress with sword posing infront of a fire





What do you mean?

I mean she isn’t very seductive looking.

Maybe it is just a matter of taste.

She’s bad at seducing, that thong is fucking hideous

So THAT was the problem…

I’m gonna need some help with her thong then, like what to re-texture it to, unless remodeling is required.

Nothing can save this model I’m sorry.


Wait, is it just the lower body, or is it the whole model?

everything pretty much

I mean look at her arms


and her lips

is that jizz or what

Must have been a skinning error on her gloves.

That shine was there when I found it. Maybe if I knew more about vmts and such, I could possibly fix that.

Oooh, I forgot to tell you, Dems. Nobody ever liked that Mistress Spencer model. :v:
Everybody preferred the Witches making out over the model, really.

Yea, it possibly would have been helpful if you told me beforehand.

I thought you would have noticed, since I actually linked you to my pose of her.

I thought them liking the witches kissing was a joke.

It has flaws but I like it nevertheless. Sorry if the model do not look like a fucking over starved teen body suffering from bulimia. The arms need work though.

Was out playing poker demoniclemon. Just got home.

That explains your lateness.

Anyway, what could be fixed with the arms?