"See anyone?" "Nope but I wont put my gun down just yet..." Rebels at a van


C&C, please!

The only thing that bugs me is that they are identical.

Bullshit. The one on the left is male_04 and the one on the right is male_09.

Nice! Very nice.

Where did you get the “pockets” from?

They look useful.

Bloo’s L4D2 items. He modified them with bodygroups and such. He also made the guns!

As I said on steam, very nice

Remember to never over-do the shading, it looks a little too dark, and its hard to see detail on the front gun and the rebels, but its quite nice.

Posing is general is well done(Including finger and faceposing), and I like how you make their faces look like if they hard painted camo :stuck_out_tongue: