"See my friends over there?"


Here, have a bonus:

oh hey egeve-


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this is fuckin’ beautiful by the way

Love it. Stiff bonus pilot is stiff :downs:

stunning, all of your works are eye candy

You should use just a little less blur, but it is awesome.


I demand to see the original.

here’s the original:


was going to go with it being completely black and white at first, but the voices in my head all voted against it. it was a democratic victory.

fuck that idea ain’t gonna go well

but yeh good picture. i like things with a story. almost makes me want to play FO3 even though it’s shit

Top notch picture. I’m not a big fan of the heavy bokeh tough.

fuck 3 new vegas rules

three dog was cool but not cool enough to save that game. bethesda are terrible people and make terrible games and should be kept as far away from the fallout series as possible.

this picture was more of a new vegas/three mixture, hence the desert setting of new vegas and the fallout three characters.

i enjoyed both games about equally.

i liked three for exploring and dicking around sort of i guess. and liam neeson. he owns.

the writing, the setting in general, and the art though… jesus christ they were bad. i remember leaving the doc’s house for the first time in new vegas and seeing actual colour; blue sky, sandy brown soil, green gardens and the purple teeth of jagged mountains in the distance. i cannot describe the feeling of relief and joy that i felt knowing fallout was back in capable hands.

fun fact the project lead is a tfr poster and goes out of his way to please us, dude rules

Fallout 3 was better. It just… was. New Vegas funnels you through the same route every time by blocking all other directions with Deathclaws and mother fucking Cazadors. It was, and still is buggy. The faction system, true iron sights and the story itself were amazing. Additionally, Bethesda does some good work, Elder Scrolls is most notable. But onto the picture…

Very nice, I like it. The Survivalists Rifle is tiny in those BoS guys’ hands, but it is a great picture.


fallout 3 was an awfully written game, everything that wasn’t brown was green, they took the entire series and shat all over it. it was and still is buggy as hell, easily as much as new vegas. the characters were pretty shallow and there was really no depth to the game outside the main quest and very little in choices. bethesda hasn’t made a good game since morrowind, and even that was on the decline. their best games were before that.

new vegas is well written, its art is about as good as you’ll see considering they’re still stuck on bethesda’s shitty abortion of an engine and they still have to use a bunch of their terrible assets, and the voice acting in general is pretty good. there’s also a lot more to do and it’s not just the same building copy pasted a billion times. oh, and it’s colourful. and actually faithful to the original games. it also has just the right amount of choice and some cool as hell characters and much, much, much deeper backstory. it is just a better game in every way possible.

fuck fallout 3 forever

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also new vegas is hella open and i never had issues with it, i dunno what you’re talking about

deathclaws and cazadors are only a problem in a few specific areas and by the time you need to go to most of them you should be equipped to deal anyway. fuck cazadors though those fuckers hurt

The Mojave is empty, with a very disappointing city and huge creatures to take up space. Vegas did make a return to the dark comedy Fallout is known for, the color was nice to see, the plot is great etc. etc. but I just did not like it as much. It’s a personal preference thing. This can go back and forth forever, and neither opinion is going to change very much.

it’s no less empty than the capital wasteland was. oh woot look it’s the generic small suburb and/or generic burnt out plain and/or generic city block oh wooo so much fun.

personal preference wise feel free to say you liked 3 better, you’re crazy but that’s your problem, but don’t take it a step further and say it was a better game because objectively it is so inferior in every way possible it boggles the mind

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plus geckos are literally the coolest little dudes

wanna get a pet gecko

Fallout 1 & 2. Period.

yeah well that goes without saying

hehehehehehehehe thread destroyed