See-through water

Is there a way I can make my water see through when you are swimming in it? I want to be able to see the skybox… I have tried just about every water texture.

Pretty much every expensive water texture can let you see through from underwater to the sky.
You could try wasteland002a

That was really laggy for some reason, but I can’t see through it :(. I appreciate all of youre tutorials by the way.

Thanks. It could be from your graphics card. What is it?

its a 9400, should run everything fine hah, I think I might have had something running in the background. I still can’t see through the water… Do you know where I could get a good water texture?

Dev water 2 is pretty clear. It what they use in those dev texture/aim maps mostly.

Im talking about when you are underwater, when I tried dev water 2, I couldnt see at all.

I have been using this riverbed_02_beneath but you cant see outside of the water.

(this is riverbed beneath)

That doesn’t even look like water. I don’t see how other developers do it :/. I have a skybox and everything. Its just blocking it out at the end of the water.

Do you have your settings on high?

Devwater 2 is purely shader based, so if you don’t see it it’s because you don’t have your settings maxed.

Everything is on the highest, and with dev water 2. I cant see EVERYTHING while im IN the water.

like this

Put an env_cubemap in hammer (suggestively above the watersurface), compile, then type buildcubemaps in console when you’re running the map in-game.

I’m not sure but if your map is fullbright, that could also be a reason.


Sorry, I misunderstood the question. It’s late, I should get some rest.

try to use gm_construct’s water it’s pretty clear underneath

Thats a custom water texture.

And what he did is set most of the map with fog to cover up the edges.

Do you know of a texture that would be of that quality?

You could always make a custom one. You can add me on steam if you want and I can help you write the .vmt

I added you on steam, my name is left

Make a leak on your map, it will be invisible :slight_smile:

Have a box.

I love boxes :smiley: I live in one too

Nice to know.

We solved the problem by setting the skybox 1 unit above the water, and had an invisible texture 1 unit inside the water with a little gap on each side (to render the skybox)

Theres a .vmf for y’all.