See thru walls.

I think it needs to be something added that u can me wall not see thru without placing barricades all over the place. Maybe some extra upgrade for wall to make it not see thru. I think that would be fun :slight_smile: Well but As I said in previous posts, Its only my opinion.

What tha fuck? What do you mean… you spell ******

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Autocorrect fail ( see through )

He means:

Could there be an update so people can’t look through my wooden walls.
You could place a barricade but why not an update.

Something like that ^

Yes. My autocorrect picked up thru instead of through . And I did not check before I clicked “Post”. So What I meant is it would be nice to be able to upgrade your current walls with some more wood to make it not see THROUGH. LOL

I am not sure just how easily we’ll be able to see through the new walls they’ve shown (with the various stages of being built) on Trello. That being said, I’d personally prefer stone as a building material was prioritized over a wall hanging/tapestry. Still, I could see other potential uses for that sort of wall covering, extending the radius of the comfort buff and preventing the cold debuff from applying to people inside the walls of buildings with wall coverings…

Maybe they could kill two birds with one stone, and let us hang sheet rock inside wooden or metal walls, I know it would be baffling to craft drywall out of stones but it would give us a stone-sink and I feel like it would be nice if I wasn’t forced to have a large storage container outside my base filled with thousands of stone for anyone to take (please take the stone, why won’t anyone take a few thousand stone with them… Come to borrow a cup of chicken, take a few thousand stone with you, it will be great! You can lob them at your enemies, or your friends, whatever you’re into!)


try metal walls. you can’t see through them unless you’re looking slightly under them

So… there’s pretty much always a way too look into metal houses from the first floor and up?

I’d love a way to make the walls more solid… Would deter raiders since it’s easier to make decoy houses/rooms…