See Using Ragdoll

I want to set it up so that if someone is turned into a ragdoll they end up looking through the eyes of the ragdoll, is there a way of doing this?

Thanks for the help!

I forget the functions, but check out a taser SWEP

Dunno if it will work on ragdolls, but you can try **[Player.Spectate](** with OBS_MODE_IN_EYE

As long as ply:GetRagdollEntity() returns a valid ragdoll, you can use it together with CalcView.

Here ya go. Found it on the wiki. [lua]
//We’re doing this in the gamemode hook for now
function GM:CalcView(ply,pos,ang,fov)
//Get the ragdoll entity of the player
//This will return nil if the player is alive
local rag = ply:GetRagdollEntity()
//If the entity is valid
if ValidEntity(rag) then
//Get the eye attachment from the ragdoll
local att = rag:GetAttachment(rag:LookupAttachment(“eyes”))
//Don’t return a self made table here, return the table returned by the base function
return self.BaseClass:CalcView(ply,att.Pos,att.Ang,fov)
//If not in a gamemode then use this
//return GAMEMODE:CalcView(ply,att.Pos,att.Ang,fov)
//Else return what is received, which means don’t change anything
return self.BaseClass:CalcView(ply,pos,ang,fov)

O_O Wow, thank you for that!