Seeding explained

Can somehow explain how the seeding of procedural maps work.

My understanding is that the number (seed) is used to generate the map. Thus a different seed a different map
IS there a way to change the seed to get a desired map, e.g. all grass land, or all mountain, or even size of map?
Are these possible for a server admin to change?

Yes, seeds are used to generate maps. Right now there isn’t a way to have all grass or all mountain, but garry is planning to make it so you can set the size of the map later on.

You can set the seed on a server by starting it with -server.seed in your server startup file.

Thanks, so the seed number currently has no effect on the size. Which is a shame as procedural maps are way to large for a 50 slot server.

Also whats the point of being able to change the seed number other then to generate a world if you cannot control what’s generated or am I missing something?

atm the only sense is to have always an new map when you change a server which makes exploring a fun even if the map is half empty

Yeah OK. It would have just been nice to have some more control over te map. Does anybody know if the devs are working on greater control of the map?